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    “Calabogie Pilates & More” is a great place to get in shape for local area sports such as golfing, skiing, hiking or to improve your own fitness level and to maintain good health. “Calabogie Pilates & More” offers balanced exercise programs for all adults and all levels of fitness.  Staying strong and flexible are two key components for a healthy body and mind. 

    Would you like to have more stamina and less back or neck pain?

    Would you like to have better balance and flexibility?

    Would you regardless of age like to have better strength?

    If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, come and join our friendly groups and experience one or more of our various programs.


    Pilates and More

    Pilates & More is a series of exercise programs offered by Wellness Natural Health Centre.

    Our programs are designed for recreational athletes and for seniors taking into consideration those with chronic pain or those wanting to enhance their well-being. Movement is an integral part of well-being; staying flexible, gaining strength and maintaining stability are all essential components of good health.
    Exercise has been shown to improve overall health and to be beneficial for many health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Increasing fitness levels are imperative to all systems of the body, not just the muscular system.  The nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system and even the digestive system all reap the benefits of intentional movement.
    All of our programs; Pilates, Back Fitness & Stretch and Senior Exercises are designed to bring awareness to the connection between the body and the mind as well as enhance movement for building the foundation into a stronger, more flexible and stable body.


    Our Teacher

    Sue Photo 3Susan Veale, BSc. Kin  

    Kinesiologist, Certified Pilates Instructor, A Graduate of the University of Waterloo.

    Susan completed her Honours thesis in the field of Sports Medicine.

    As a Kinesiologist, Susan understands kinetics; how the body moves and why.  As a young athlete,  Susan competed provincially in both gymnastics and tennis.  She was a member of the University of Waterloo’s Women’s Varsity Tennis Team. While at university, Susan coached competitive Tyro gymnasts for the Kitchener-Waterloo Gymnastics Club. Under her training, her young athletes excelled at the provincial level.
    Susan has taught courses in Exercise Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology for the Canadian College of Natural Health Sciences, Ottawa, ON. Her fitness programs emphasize the use of the breath as a tool for stretching and strengthening.
    Bringing Pilates as a valuable adjunct to her programs, Susan received her Pilates Instructor certification in 2010.
    Susan enjoys recreational outdoor sports as an avid golfer, hiker and in the winter months, snowshoeing with “Mischka”, her Alaskan Malamute.
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    Exercise Classes

    Pilates Icon 2


    Based on Joseph Pilates original system of rehabilitative exercise known as “Contrology”, Pilates is a series of exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the core muscles of the abdomen, back and hips while improving overall flexibility. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes are offered from October to June indoors and outdoors during summer months lakeside at Barnet Park


    Stretch icon

    Back Fitness & Stretch

    These classes focus on using the breath to create movement for soft tissue.  Designed for individuals who feel tension and tightness in their body or those who experience chronic back or neck pain, these smooth movements provide gentle stretches to increase flexibility and encourage awareness to painful areas.

    Senior Exericse icon

     Senior Exercise Class

    Provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health, the “Falls Prevention Program” is offered twice weekly to those over the age of 65.  Sitting on a chair, this class encourages slow, focused movement designed to increase strength for the shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet.


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    • Veronika E.

      I am a firm believer now in the benefits of Pilates. A few years back I would of said, no way. I enjoy yoga felt it was good enough. Pilates joins both stretching of Pilates but also muscle strengthening. My core has never felt such a good work out and after each class I feel...

      Veronika E.
    • Shirley C

      I know the senior program is very good for us, it helps us in our breathing, we have more energy and less soreness when we do our regular everyday chores. Also it makes us get up and go and we are much happier in  life.

      Shirley C
    • Larry B

      I’ve been attending Back Fitness & Stretch classes and Pilates for the last two years. It is such a great feeling putting your body through the tortures that Susan calls fun. Attending Susan’s classes makes it easier to get into a regular routine with a group of people.

      Larry B
    • Sue B

      I have been doing Pilates with Susan for over a year now and find the classes fun and interesting.  She always has tidbits of health information to throw in.  I am convinced that the classes have improved my core strength greatly and that this has a very positive impact on my golf game.

      Sue B
    • Kim L.

      My experience with the exercise program was very beneficial.  Each time I went I was feeling better.

      Kim L.
    • Denise J.

      My experience with the exercise program was very beneficial.  Each time I went I was feeling better.

      Denise J.
    • Kathy P.

      I have been going to this class from the very beginning, it is fun and definitely a benefit to our health.  Great group of Seniors, great instructor, what more could you ask for!  Thanks Susan.

      Kathy P.
    • Gaby B.

      This is a great program for seniors I’m really pleased with the variety of different exercises that Susan teach us ex: the stretching, the weights, the coordination all in a friendly ambiance.  This program is very beneficiary to all seniors.

      Gaby B.
    • Dwyene M

      I have been a member of Susan’s senior exercise program for eighteen months following hip replacements surgery.  This bi-weekly exercise program  has improved my mobility and stamina way beyond my expectations.

      Dwyene M
    • Marie K.

      Terrific class! Not overly strenuous but challenging and fun.

      Marie K.
    • Colin W.

      Excellent class, dedicated, professional instructor, a good excuse to get out of the Lazy Boy and do some balance/strengthening exercises twice a week, in good company of friendly folk.

      Colin W.
    • Joan B.

      The senior exercise program is so much more than I expected when I signed up. It is truly a program that would benefit anyone especially those of us over 65.

      Joan B.
    • Alex

      Before joining senior’s exercise class. I experienced constant lower back pain everyday due to spinal stenosis.  From the very first session, I was able to feel immediate and lasting relief. Today my daily routine remains much more enjoyable and I am able to manage my back pain and stiffness through participation in this gentle stretching program.

    • Lynda R.

      Pilates in the Park at Calabogie this past summer was my first attempt at this form of exercise.  Susan took good care of the beginners and at the end of the first and subsequent classes I felt challenged and invigorated, but peaceful, too. Being outdoors beside beautiful Calabogie Lake enhanced the experience.

      Lynda R.
    • Anne H.

      As a newcomer to the Calabogie community, Pilates has been a wonderful way to meet people with a similar interests and a general desire to become more fit. Susan makes it easy to adapt the class to suit my ability.

      Anne H.
    • Linda B.

      I am coming up on three years of doing Pilates with Susan and am still thoroughly enjoying it. I feel my body strength still increasing and am amazed that I’m able to do things now that at the beginning seemed utterly impossible.

      Linda B.
    • Mary Beth F.

      I have known Susan in a professional capacity as a Pilates Instructor. I trust Susan and respect her knowledge and expertise. Susan does a fantastic job of teaching and generates a positive attitude towards her students. Susan has challenged me to work towards a better understanding of Pilates and strengthening my core muscles. 

      Mary Beth F.
    • Marilynn L.

      Susan. I would say that it’s a great workout especially with the weights. I’m looking forward to better posture, flexibility and core strength.

      Marilynn L.
    • Sharon L.

      I love Pilates for the simple reason that it provides me with a total body workout in an hour.  I am active in a number of other activities such as running and hiking and I find that Pilates is a perfect complement to both.

      Sharon L.
    • Linda C.

      I was very fortunate this summer to have had the opportunity to participate in “Pilates by the Lake” every Mon am with Susan as our instructor. Pilates helped strengthen my body core, improve my flexibility & was also great for stress relief. I also enjoyed the comradeship of the group.

      Linda C.
    • Sharron S.

      I have been attending Susan’s Pilates for a number of years and have found them to be very beneficial to my overall fitness, health and well being.  Her classes provide a full body workout with lots of variety and progression.  Susan’s knowledge about anatomy and nutrition is evident throughout her sessions.

      Sharron S.
    • Julia D.

      I have been taking Pilates classes from Susan for about 5 years. The sessions give me better flexibility and mindfulness of movements. We take a lighthearted approach to a serious full body exercise routine. Pilates in the Park are something extra special to look forward to in the summer.

      Julia D.
    • Chrissy K.

      I am a brand new student of Pilates and couldn’t have had a better introduction. Susan is very knowledgeable about the body, what it can and cannot do and of course Pilates itself and its benefits. I’m sold!

      Chrissy K.


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